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Press Release:

First Pakistani Academician Reads a Paper at ATRS 2015 in Singapore

The Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) World Conference 2015 was held in Singapore from 2nd to 5th July, 2015. The latest trends and recent research in aviation was presented at the conference. Over 300 aviation experts from all facets of the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, air traffic control, aerospace manufacturers, aviation business institutions and pertinent consultants and aviation related government officials attended the conference. During the conference, selected papers were read by renowned professionals and academicians from around the globe. 

For the first time, Pakistan was represented in this prestigious ATRS World Conference 2015 by Dr. Wali Mughni, Ph.D who is also the Dean & Director of the Institute of Business Administration & Aviation Sciences (IBAAS) located at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. 

Dr. Mughni, who specializes in Aviation Management read his paper on “Pakistan's National Aviation Policy 2015: An Unprecedented Opportunity for Global and Regional Aviation Business Entrepreneurs.” The paper as well as the participation from Pakistan was applauded by the audience as the President of ATRS Prof. Dr. Martin Dressler announced his appreciation in his closing address.