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IBAAS is ideally located amidst corporate offices and maintenance centres of a number of aviation businesses at Karachi International airport, providing an ideal opportunity to the students for real immersion in aviation-related environment. These on-the-job experiences, while providing an opportunity for the students to gain first-hand knowledge of aviation business, are extremely valuable for developing professional and social bonding between a potential employer and the internee. The management at IBAAS includes seasoned professionals and experts belonging to the fraternity of stake holders and business executives from aviation industry. Recommendations of IBAAS faculty and management would thus carry significant importance in appropriate internships and placement of IBAAS graduates.

Aviation is a vital part of the increasingly globalised world economy, facilitating the growth of international trade, tourism and international investment, and connecting people across continents.  The world’s airlines carry over 2.6 billion passengers a year and 48 million tonnes of freight.  Providing these services generates 8.4 million direct jobs within the air transport industry and contributes $539 billion to global GDP.

In the context of Pakistan’s aviation sector, there is a gaping need for well-qualified aviation professionals to take up lucrative positions in aviation-related industry comprising national and private airlines, logistics and freight forwarding, catering, travel agencies etc.

Keeping in view the local demand for knowledge-based human resource, IBAAS has tailored its academic programs accordingly.  These programs will not only equip our trainees as qualified business managers; they will hold a definite edge with regard to aviation-related career opportunities over ordinary business graduates.