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BBA in Aviation Management (Four Years)

MBA in Aviation Management (Two Years)

Security Deposit (Refundable)
PKR 20,000
PKR 20,000
Admission Fee (Once Only)
PKR 30,000
PKR 30,000
Tuition Fee (Full Semester)
PKR 48,000
PKR 60,000
Library Fund (Full Semester)
PKR 3,000
PKR 3,000.00
Misc.Fee (Full Semester)
PKR 3,000
PKR 3,000
Total Fee
PKR 84,000*
PKR 96,000*

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  1. Based on merit and financial status of the candidate scholarship is available for all deserving.

  2. Total fee does not include security deposit which is refundable upon completion of course.

  3. The fee structure does not include FUU Enrolment and Examination fees.



  1. IBASS provides scholarship to all deserving students based on merit and financial status.

  2. Minimum merit for consideration is 70% marks and total household income less than or equal to
    PKR 6,000 per family member per month.

  3. Scholarship committee reserves the right to award or reject the scholarship.
  4. The scholarship may range from 10% to 100% of the tuition fees.

  5. External scholarships may also be awarded by other large organizations and the scholarship awarding
    criteria would be contingent on the scolarship donor.