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Admission Policy

Pre-Admission Test:

- Section-I 20 Marks English
- Section-II 10 Marks General Knowledge
- Section-V 10 Marks Mathematics
- Section-VI 10 Marks IQ
- Section-VII 10 Marks Computer
- Section-VIII 20 Marks Interview

Eligibility Score : 50% (minimum)


BBA:  HSC or equivalent (12 yrs of education) with at least 50% marks from a recognized institution.
MBA:  Bachelors or equivalent (min 14 yrs of education).

Selection Process

Eligible applicants with regard to academic records as laid down above have to take an aptitude test followed by an interview by admission committee or its representative(s).  A min score of 60% in aptitude test and qualification in interview is compulsory.

Final Selection:

Final selection would be based on composite merit compiled as follows:



Academic marks %age 60
Entry test 30
Interview 10